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Оpening speech

Оpening speech


Mediation House of the Riga Arbitration Court


Starting with the May 2012 the founder of the Riga Arbitration Court, Association of Alternative Dispute Resolution (SAIVA) started to provide one more form of extrajudicial dispute resolution - mediation. In order to be able to provide such a form of dispute resolution SAIVA created a separate structure – Mediation House of the Riga Arbitration Court. Recently we have become the members of a non-governmental organization “Mediation and ADR” (ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution). This organization actively develops mediation in Latvia. Association SAIVA worked out and adopted regulations of mediation.


Now everyone who needs help of mediator can turn to us and initiate an extrajudicial process of a dispute settlement.


Such a method of dispute settlement and disagreements as mediation is underestimated in Latvia. In the meantime, in the USA not a single process of negotiations in the sphere of economics, business, and politics takes places without mediators. In addition, developed states like Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Japan and China do not go without such an important process of dispute settlement. In Latvia, it is necessary to introduce and use it not only in family, but especially in commercial disputes between entrepreneurs.


Mediation is the process of joint (i.e. between conflicting parties and mediator) settlement and resolution of conflict. During this process two or more participants with the help of an independent third party (mediator) communicate общаются with each other and find a decision acceptable for both parties.


Function of mediator is to help parties the conflict to review and investigate all possible decisions. If it is achievable, mediator helps find the decision that satisfies interests of all parties related to conflict.



Mediation belongs to extrajudicial methods of dispute resolutions as well as negotiation and arbitration. These methods are combined into the so-called group of methods of alternative dispute resolution – ADR.


ADR is a method of dispute settlement and disagreements that differs from judicial proceedings.


Mediation in Latvia is considered as innovation in Latvia, but in fact, it has a long history in many other cultures and civilizations. Recently a process of mediation is compared to court proceedings. Mediation here is a “preferable” one, while “court proceedings are “bad”. Only after having passed the process of mediation and having decided one's own case it is possible to evaluate all the advantages of this process.


That is why the Association of Alternative Dispute Resolution (SAIVA) decided to popularize, develop and provide all interested persons the process of mediation.


Keep good relations with your partners, consult the Mediation House of the Riga Arbitration and find compromise!